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Don't ruck with the chick
Yes, it is.

Unlike many of my friends I have not resolved to do more this year, but actually to do less, in the hope I get more done.

My main resolution is to not take on anything new, until I have cleared all the jobs and projects that need to be done first.

I have a habit of saying 'yes' because, apparently, I like to help.  It is proving quite difficult already but I feel it is for the best.  Believe it or not I still have the pieces cut out for a tie I promised Steve OVER 20 YEARS AGO! I kid you not.  I can see them now, hanging up with the instructions and pattern.  There is a whole box of incomplete waspies, and many things to do in the house.  As for other people I have a coat to finish for one person, and a quote to send to another and if they want to go ahead with it, he will be the other.  Other than that?  Sorry but no, have things I need to do.  There is a velvet cloak that needs new peacock feathers, and lots of jewellery to be made.

2013 has shown me in no uncertain terms that I have my limits.  I love being Secretary to Stargate LRP, but on top of the job, a 90 minute commute then a very lively 3 year old I found it hard to cope with everything and my health started to suffer.  When I realised I could not do the job to the standard I used to do it, I knew I had to resign.  Even now, as my nails grow out they peel and flake at the slightest thing.  Odd the things you notice eh?  As soon as I resigned my appetite returned to normal and my gums stopped bleeding.  Odd how the body is isnt' it?.

The first big challenge of the year 2014 was actually over a year in the making.  The first weekend in January I ran my last Stargate LRP for the foreseeable future.  To be honest I only agreed to do it so certain IC wedding could happen and they eloped anyway!  I could have backed out then, but, again, I did not want to let folks down so went ahead with 'The Seeds of Time'. The odd thing about events is the players don't see what you wrote, so if things go horribly wrong, or half the stuff you prepared is not used, or they go left instead of right, often they don't know. They may have a brilliant time but you can think you ran a shit event because of what didn't go right.  I am waiting for the player feedback to come in but it will be interested in seeing if the players mention aspects of the event I am unhappy with, the stuff I know did not go as well as hoped (for example I feel that Saturday daytime needed more plot stuff to happen, despite writing what we thought was enough, things either did not take off, or got diverted). I am quite happy about the Saturday night though, especially when I heard players were still talking until dawn. On one hand technology let us down quite badly, with smokeyb's laptop dying at a crucial moment, but it saved us with the site having WiFi. Sunday morning felt quite disjointed for me, with bits of plot going on about the place, but no big definite ending.  I guess that is because the last two events I did were full weekend events, which are done differently.

So this year, as far as SG LRP is concerned I will play when I can afford to do so, crew one event and THAT IS IT!  I have also worked out that this Christmas event will be the first I have played for four years!  So to say I am looking forward to it is an understatement and a half... I just need to keep Cosmo (my new character, Dr Chase/Kincaid has been retired) alive until then.

Closing the MISI Shop.

Southpark picture
I have decided to close my MISI shop as I don't have time to look after it, and it wasn't selling anything on it's own. Therefore, all my pouches have gone on EBAY today. I have put on the price I want, taking advantage of the free listing and avoiding the 20p 'buy it now' fee. I very much doubt I will do these designs again. I do have enough blanks for another 19 pouches, but will be focusing on more complex designs so if you like one here, best get it.

Busy and life is going on.

AK Logo
See that, top left?  It's my new logo.  I did it yesterday on photoshop while watching tutorials on You Tube and trying to work out the help files.  I am very happy with it.  A bigger version is below -

Not bad for a day's work, I am happy. Especially as this is by a complete beginner.

William is wriggling around and doing well.  I go back to work in September (boo) but part of my is looking forward to that although I shall miss having Radio 4 on tap.

I have two orders now too.  One is for a single badge, the other for a gents Regency costume for an LRP.  A big and a small.  I am happy with that.  Will try and update more often, Will permitting.


Ooh, shiny.

Corset Picture
Yes, still here and working on updating stuff, starting with this theme, I quite like it.

Still here...

Southpark picture
I am still alive and well, but, well, busy.  I do come on LJ frequently but don't have time to post, so please don't think I have forgotten you.  Will update soon, I promise.
Southpark picture
As promised, I have scanned the next set of patterns and put them on an album.  If you are not on my facebook, here is the album with the details.

Goodies are here.

Have fun.

New Year's Resolution.

brains of the outfit
We have a list of things that need doing. Selling little house, sorting out Elsa etc. I don't count these as resolutions as I am not choosing to take them on, they are things that have to be done.

So, considering how different my life is going to be this year, what shall I do? 

I have always believed that New Years Resolutions should be positive, and leave you better for it.

So, this year I have resolved to improve my skills

Every month, I will try something brand new I have never cooked before.

This is simple, achievable and inexpensive as we eat the results. And I don't mean variants of things I already know (ie, vanilla muffin, then chocolate muffin, then apple muffin etc).  It has to be a new technique I am either totally unfamiliar with, or it's been so long I've totally forgotten how to do it.

I came up with this resolution when I inherited my mum's cookery books and realised I had NEVER made a meringue before.  

Today I made my first ever white sauce, a Bechemel sauce as the base for a pasta bake.  I hadn't realised how cheap the ingredients were compared to stuff in the jar.  My first attempt was okay I would say, there were some fine, soft lumps in there but as I was using the sauce for a bake, the final 20 minutes in the oven would even them out, which they did.  Steve loved it, said it was delicious. Will definitely be doing that again, especially as I want to get it right, without the lumps, before I move to the next new skill.

There is an added challenge in considering my main 'victim' is diabetic with high blood pressure.  Today rather than using butter, I used Benecol spread, which you can cook with.  The fat content is the same, but the saturated fat content is alot lower and Steve has to watch the old cholestorol.   Happily, for my sweeter efforts, Broz has offered to take over on guinea pig duties, and I may, if the recipe is for something bigger than for two (a cake for example) then I may cook it before an event and ask him to take it down for me, for others to share and try. This works for me as some of the things I want to learn to do, ie meringue, is not good for Steve, but I don't have to eat my efforts alone.

So January was - white sauces.

Not sure what February will bring, will decide at the time.

Wish me luck.

So, long time no update so here goes...

Southpark picture
Well, to start, Steve and I are well.

However, to what has passed.  Last Thursday,  Steve and I went to our first joint ante-natal class, the first of three.  The midwife was very funny and down to earth and put many of my worries to rest.  They don't like you lying on your back anymore now, and have access to birthing stools and all sorts of funky gubbins to help gravity do it's thing.  Also, if you need to be continuously monitored the belts they use mean you can still be mobile, which is a great weight off my mind.   The thing is the midwife has one of those cloth bodied baby dolls and I immediately remembered Dawn French's psychotic midwife from the gloriously dark 'Psychoville' last year.  I have come to terms with the fact that they don't want me to go overdue very long due to my age.  Apparently the rate of sudden stillbirth doubles after 40 so even though induction is an intervention, if it brings Munchkin safely into the world then I don't mind as much.  Attending the class meant I could not go to London with other historical corsetry fanatics so may well buy myself this book instead.

On Friday, it was my 41st Birthday and Steve bought me a lovely breakfast of scrambled egg, toast, tea and Thorntons.  You can't say better than that really.  Steve bought me a cook book which I love.  Nigella is surprisingly practical in her writing.  Each recipe has a section on how long you can prepare it before hand, dealing with leftovers and freezing so it can go that little bit further. The recipes suit a wide range of budgets too, which I appreciate.   Of course, this means I now need a stick blender, a food processor and tabletop mixer but that's by the by.... The book is huge and hardback so doubles as a blunt weapon, which is nice. 

We had planned on going out to celebrate but I felt too tired so we stayed in with a take away instead.  I realised that munchkin was nicking my iron reserves (by iron levels were revealed as low at the last blood test) and I've been taking iron tablets this weekend and feel much better.

This weekend I have started going through my fabric collection to take out the stuff that no longer inspires me.  The trouble with this is when you find stuff you forgot you even had, and get inspired all over again.  So less is on the 'no' pile than hoped, but I may have a second trawl through.  This is going to take some time...  Sewing projects to be done before Munckin's arrival include new lounge curtains (got the fabric ages ago) as the ones we have a too short.  Munckin will, of course require their own Christmas stocking to hang over the cot on Christmas Eve so I will need to sort that out too.  Yes, we have a chimney so Santa will be fine.

So, final week at work awaits.  As of 5pm on Friday the 22nd of October I will be on Maternity leave.  A lovely but scary thought.

However, even though I won't be larping for a good while, I am still planning the return kit for Cosmo and Livvie so panic not.  I will be back at some point.  It's also nice to not be involved in any current IC love triangles going on for a change (shhhhhh) and causing no angst whatsoever.

Anyhow, time to put the kettle on.  Will have more time to muse this time next week...
brains of the outfit
Hubby thought he would give me a challenge today -

This book.

What can I say?  It's bloody (pardon the pun) awesome! 

Tanya, the cakes that Florian may like are shown in this article, second set down, the white ghostly ones. They are topped in a soft meringue around a marshmallow.

I did note though that there is a bit of specialist kit involved here which I had not heard of and is hardly what you would find in the Asda baking aisle, but Lily is nice, she gives stockists for both the UK, and US so whoever buys the book isn't left stranded if they want to take it to that level.  The cakes also seem to vary in complexity.  Some will definitely take time and practice

The irony is that Steve can't have them, bless him, but he knew I would love it so bought it for me anyway. 

My personal favorites are the ones with the pink 'brains' frosting, and the 'Bleeding Hearts' ones that made me think of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom when I saw them.  Seriously, you can make phys rep hearts out of cake (dripping in cherry sauce blood) and then eat them after the scenario!

The prettiest and most sophisticated ones though are definitely these, which I fell for right away.  What isn't there for a Goth to love?

Just don't ask how many calories are in them...

The Mummy to be activity centre.

red rose
I thought it had been a while so I would give a little update on how Munchkin is getting on.

Cut for maternal ramblingsCollapse )

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